Bitch Fight: Table Sugar vs. Corn Syrup!

It’s the best of Corn Sugar Vs. Table Sugar

In honor of Sugar filing a lawsuit against Corn:

Just an aside: my favorite comment from the above article

I’ll take the Corn gang’s argument under consideration once they stop sucking at the government’s teat. The main reason they are able to be competitive and provide HFCS at a lower cost than regular sugar is because of all the nice subsidies they get.


Saturday Night Live even got into it.

Propaganda and half-truths aside: Table Sugar and High Fructose Corn Syrup are the same.  I recommend this video:

Yeah, it’s 90 minutes long, but worth it!  Here’s the short version:

Long story short: it’s the fructose in both HFCS and Table Sugar that goes to our livers, hardens the arteries and otherwise leave a path of destruction in its wake!


One thought on “Bitch Fight: Table Sugar vs. Corn Syrup!

  1. OMG His video reminds me of what I learned about the energy cycle in AP Biology class. Thanks aunty =)

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