When ‘Rights’ clash

I’m stuck between a rock and a hard place here.  On one hand I support breastfeeding whenever baby (or toddler) is hungry and wherever baby and momma happen to be.  On the other-hand, as much as I hate to admit (trust me I hate admitting this) the shop owner is right.  Not because he told the mom she had to stop breastfeeding or leave but because the law they mention does violate his right to run his business.  :spit puke hack:

Yes, I HATE that I just wrote that.  We might not like what other people do but why does there have to be a law against someone else’s discomfort?  I want to put my arm around that young mom’s shoulder and say, “There are countless places who would love to have you spend your money in their establishment.”

The shop owner may lose a few customers because of this.  Would he have lost any if he hadn’t said anything to the mom?  I doubt it.

There just has to be a better way….


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