What does this mean for me?




“These are not rants against the system. They’re not anarchist manifestos. They’re not calls for a revolution. They’re small stories of people who played by the rules, did what they were told, and now have nothing to show for it.” Sounds familiar.


People who are trying to do what they are supposed to do.




I’m 32 years old.

At 16, I got my first job working as a Dietary Aide in a Nursing Home.

At 18 I graduated high school and went straight to college like “a good little young person.”

I worked all through college first in the college’s TV station, back at the nursing home as a housekeeper and, during my last year, as a receptionist in a mammography center.   I didn’t have all these jobs at once and I did play once in a while, you know, drinking, smoking, and clubbing. I didn’t take out any loans and put my tuition/ books on my credit card and made payments on that.  Living with my parents helped, thanks Mom and Dad!

At 22 I graduated from Community College with a degree in Radiology. I picked Radiology as a major primarily because of the money but also, at the time, Healthcare was a rapidly growing field.  In June of that year I got a job at an Occupational Health center.  In July of that year I got my own place.   In November of that year, I met my husband.   (2001 was a big year for me)

At 24 My husband and I bought our house. I stayed at the Occupational Health center until 2003 then took a chance on a position working as a Cardiovascular tech.  That lasted for 3 months.  Then I was on unemployment for a month until I found work through a temp service. In the Spring of 2004 I found a job in another Occupational Health office.

Spring of 2005- Had a kid.  Husband went to school to A+ certified.

2006- dealt with postpartum blues, became increasingly unhappy with my job but, like a “good little taxpayer” waited until I found a different one before I quit.   That new job lasted all of three months because I “wasn’t the right fit.”

2007-2008 on unemployment and took the scant temp service work offered.  When I say ‘scant’, I mean it, no one wants an x-ray tech now.   Husband worked 70 hours a week, most weeks.

2008 had another kid.  (Don’t worry, that wont be happening again)

2009- Not much on the temp service front, in fact I think I worked a whole two days that summer.

2010- Grudgingly dragged my ass to the WIC office.  We qualified because husband’s overtime at work went away.  I got ‘lucky’ and found a minimum wage job in retail with part-time hours mostly 3 hours an evening; two or three nights a week.

Now I just found a second part-time job to carry us through the Holidays.  It will help us pay one more bill, I’m going to keep my mall job because I like it.

My husband has Type 2 Diabetes and our health insurance just went up.  We refinanced the house last year.  We have two beautiful, smart children and I hope they use their brains better than their parents did.

Am I the 53% or the 99%?

If I am the 53% I promise not to shove it in your face.  If I am the 99% and you call me lazy, I will kick you in the nuts.




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