Random thoughts about Reward cards and breast pumps

Nowadays you can get rewards for everything: gasoline, groceries, coffee, books, pet supplies, etc.  When my oldest child was an infant we even had a Babies R Us reward card.   The people at Babies/Toys R Us have come with a new Reward card.   It’s called the V.I.B. Card 

Here’s a short description:

What is the Very Important Baby (V.I.B.) card?
The Very Important Baby (V.I.B.) card is a reloadable gift card that you can use to purchase all of baby’s important essentials – diapers, wipes, formula, and baby food! When funds are loaded onto the V.I.B. card by friends and family (or Mom, herself), ”R”Us will add a 10% bonus within 24 to 48 hours. For example, if $100 is loaded onto your V.I.B. card, ”R”Us will add $10 bonus dollars. You can earn up to $200 bonus dollars per year.


I think it sounds pretty neat……except it seems they are leaving out one demographic.  Breastfeeding moms!

You might say, “What does a breastfeeding mom care?  Duh, they’re not using formula!”  No, but they might want to purchase a breast-pump.

I realize many breastfeeding mom wont even use a pump.  But for the mom who is going back to work, a breast-pump and milk storage bags are a MUST.

At Toys R Us a Medela Freestyle breast-pump is $400.00   Breastfeeding storage bags are around $10.00 a box.  That adds up and even if mom is working, it’s still an expense.
It’s not even just working moms who would purchase breast-pump supplies.  Many breastfeeding moms like to have even a manual pump on hand just in case they need to relieve engorgement so their baby can get a better latch.  Some moms pump extra milk for donations to milk banks or directly to other moms who want their babies to have breast milk but can’t produce enough on their own.

In any case, it seems that the “R US” people are ignoring the potential for more customers.  Why not add breastfeeding supplies to your rewards list?  It couldn’t hurt!


Leaving critical facts out

Birth Control is really popular lately.  Check out these article titles:

Absence of women at birth-control hearing prompts larger question

Congressional Birth Control Hearing Involves Exactly Zero People Who Have a Uterus

‘Where are the women?’ Outrage after birth control hearing is led by panel of five MEN


Birth Control Hearing Not Really About Birth Control, Says GOP

House Democrats Walk Out Of One-Sided Hearing On Contraception, Calling It An ‘Autocratic Regime’

With the articles came these responses:

Yesterday I finally took the time to see what the deal was.  Thursday, Congress began a hearing titled-  “Lines Crossed: Separation of Church and State. Has the Obama Administration Trampled on Freedom of Religion and Freedom of Conscience?”

Now I’m not dense, I realize that “Birth Control” is being discussed in part during this hearing.  But from the titles of the articles you would think that the legality of birth control is being discussed not an employer’s “Freedom of Religion/Conscience” being violated if he has to pay for his female employees’ birth control.

I’m not posting this to debate on “Freedom of Religion” or the “accessibility” of birth control.   I’m posting it because the media selects the facts they want you to know and leaves out critical information. The public eats it up without bothering  to look at all the facts.  Sensationalism sells people!

The “Birth Control hearing” is really a hearing regarding religion, to which only two women were invited.  (Source CNN)

                     Two other women invited by the Republicans, Dr. Laura Champion and Allison Dabbs Garrett, later testified during a second panel.

Think about that for two seconds…..