The Viagra Phallacy- memes surrounding the Reproductive Rights debate

1.  Viagra!

Check out this article.  Did you see the date?  June 19,2002!!  People have been asking “Why is one covered and the other not?” for years!  It IS fair to ask this question.  It is NOT fair to piss and moan about Viagra being covered with a co-pay when you can’t get FREE Birth Control!

Beginning Aug. 1, every American woman with an employer-provided health-insurance plan will be entitled to co-pay-free birth control. Religious employers who object to contraception will be given a one-year grace period, after which they, too, will be required to offer workers insurance plans that include birth-control coverage. The new compromise is that religious employers themselves will have no responsibility to either pay for this coverage or to communicate with employees about it; instead, those burdens will shift to insurance companies, at no additional cost to consumers.

Stop comparing Apples to Oranges!

True story: if you’re taking the Morning After pill!

2.  The Hypocrisy (and inhumanity)

Attaching Sandra Fluke to this IS just misinformation.  She’s not asking the government to pay for shit!  She testified because the Catholic University she attends, does not include contraception coverage on their heath care plan.  (Duh, they’re Catholic)  There are PLENTY of ways to disagree with her without spreading misinformation.


3. The “Just don’t have sex!” argument.

Okay, you want to go there?  How about, “Just don’t eat fast food everyday so you can keep your cholesterol under control so you don’t need those cholesterol medications covered under your insurance.”   How about blood pressure or diabetes medication?   These should not be covered under insurance either because people should just eat right and exercise.  Sex is healthy and burns calories, a Big Mac doesn’t!

Just for kicks, read this article….

This entire debate is framed WRONG!  The real question is: Does the Government have the right and authority to tell an insurance company they have to cover any type of medicine free of charge?    My answer would be……no.