This is my response to the “10 rules for dating my daughter” t-shirt wearing dads.  You may have seen this before:

Or this.

First question, where are all the shirts that say, “Moms against sons dating.”  Or, “You hurt my son while he’s dating your daughter; I cut you. Signed, his mom.” ?

Second question, does anyone else sense a hint of old- fashioned, paternalistic,  “Must protect my daughter’s hymen at all costs”?

Third question, raise your hand if you think ONLY teenage boys are capable of being horn-dogs, hurting someone else’s feelings, or getting violent?  Anyone?

Newsflash dads!  Your daughter is probably just as horny as the guy she is going out with.   Don’t believe me, ask her mother how horny SHE was as a teenager.   Do you think your princess is incapable of having sexual urges, or GASP, having sexual conquests of her own?


I’m not just writing this because I have a son (who is not allowed to date til he is 20 thankyouverymuch) I also have a daughter.  I have one rule and one rule only.  One rule to bind all other rules.

Don’t be a dick!


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